Friday, March 9, 2012

Every entry must have an exit... Haylee

Hey everyone!  Hope this post finds you doing well and enjoying some beautiful weather like we are in Denver! 

For me, I have found some space to relax with the results of our egg retrieval & grasp the fact I have an egg quality issue (at least we now know what has been going on all this time & what we may have to deal with in the future). 

I am back to my normal activities & this makes me so happy.  However, I am not enjoying the exit route I believe all the hormones are taking out of my body.  This may be TMI, but really our whole blog could be considered TMI at this point- haha.  The exit route the hormones have chose in my body is my nipples (PS, I can't stand the word nipples, I have no idea why).  My boobs hurt more than I can describe.  My nipples don't hurt, so this is why I think the hormones are choosing them as the escape route.  I can't sleep on my side, my belly or my back.  So here I am again back to not getting the sleep I need.  My hooters are toppling out of all my yoga tops and they literally hurt most of the time right now.  It is crazy frustrating, but I am sure it will get better soon.

Wednesday was my day one and Molly was not kidding in her "Wicked" post about the first cycle after egg retrieval surgery.  Dr. Surrey (who did my egg retrieval) did warn me of this, but I was pretty much out of it when he did and laughed it off.  Well, this is no laughing matter.  One thing for sure Molly and I can share with side effects from this process is the "wicked".  Blek! 

It is really cool to see the differences in what each persons body goes through with the same medications.  This is why both Molly and I want to get it out on the blog.  As much information as possible- in the hopes it can help someone else if they have any of the side effects we have had throughout this process.

We also met with Dr. M on Wednesday and talked to her about waiting until the end of summer for our transfer.  I want all these hormones out.  I want more acupuncture & call me selfish, but I want some time.  We have been with Dr. M for 2.5 years now.  When I think about it I am still a little dazed at how quickly the time passes (but trust me sometimes the time feels like it is lurking on).  However, look how far we have come.  The light at the end of the tunnel couldn't be brighter and when we are ready I will be so excited to transfer 2 of our little embryos back into my body. 

The battle is still not over, but the future looks more promising on the baby side then I have ever seen it. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends!  And for those of you with babies, even if they are being naughty, hug them tightly and be so grateful for this gift of being a parent.

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