Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Waiting Game - Molly

I hate to wait. It drives me nuts. When the cable company says they will be at your house between 8-12, it drives me insane. The worst part is that always come, but at 11:55am, just when you think they won't. Then you've wasted the entire morning...waiting.

You wait a lot in an IVF cycle. It's not just the waiting for yourself to get pregnant, it's all the waiting in between. There is a lot of time lost - waiting.

This is the 3rd day I have waited for medication. Since you have to sign for it, you have to wait. You could have it delivered to a FED-EX location, but there is this little OCD part of me that wants as few people handling my meds as possible. Expected time frame of waiting? 8am-4:30pm. ARGH.

I needed to order some extra meds, to be on the safe side. And since weekend deliveries are even more difficult, I am stuck home. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Some days they are at the door at 8am and I'm not even dressed. But today, I am dressed and waiting for them to come. Nervous. Why? Because I have to be back at the clinic for a genetic counseling appointment and I really need this package of meds.

Here's the note I am leaving for FED-EX. I hope they respond to it.

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