Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pin cushion.... Haylee

Updates!  As of Monday morning I have 14 growing follicles.  7 are great, 2 are middle and 5 need to catch their little butts up!  This is totally normal though with the low dose Dr. M. started me on.  As of Monday night we are now up to 3 shots a day.  2 viles of Menopur (in one shot), 1 Follistim with the addition of one Ganirelix shot (this will keep me from ovulating). 

We also had to do a mad rush to get extra meds delivered because I did not have enough.  WTF.  Especially on Monday's holiday. No stress, really.  HA!  Luckily, the extra meds we needed were delivered today and we are good to go.

I did not have to go into CCRM this morning for labs and ultrasound, however, tomorrow I am back for more!  Hopefully, the 5 follicles have caught up to speed and I can get a better idea where we go from here.  We might have to continue the shots for awhile longer, but again, I hope we can stop soon and we are a go for retrieval on Sunday, 2/26- as planned on my calendar.  Again, all up in the air and decided by Dr. M.

I went to acupuncture after my appointment on Monday and Carol did electro therapy around points in my low back, calves & feet.  It was pretty good.  It definitely offered a release to my low back since I have been following Dr. M's orders to not practice yoga (this is only due to the high risk of having my follicles burst or flip... burst or flip??  No thanks!).  I am still a go for teaching though, and this has brought me so much joy even though I cannot do core work with my awesome students! 

I will leave you with a pic of my belly from this morning.  You can kind of make out the pin cushion look of my stomach and swelling around my belly button that has not gone down since the first acupuncture treatment.  Every dot you see, times that by 7. 

I am still feeling ok (mind over matter- still pains in my left side, awful headaches from the Menopur, some nausea, no real moods swings) but quite frankly SICK of all the shots.  I dread them.  I just want this to be done.  It sucks actually.  I digress though....  I know this is all for the bigger picture, but can I get some wah wah time?  My tummy is done- sick and tired of it.

My Husband Nurse Joe still shows up each morning and night with a smile on his face, gives me hugs and kisses & mad support.  I cannot begin to thank him enough (and Molly for those sweet homemade Smores that make him smile- o face- what?). 

And to ALL of you that read.  Friends, family, silent followers, people we have yet to meet, those of you who pass this blog along.  THANK YOU, does not even express how much I (we) appreciate YOU! 


emily said...

girl, you can have as much wah wah time as you want.

thinking of you!

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Hang in there! And you most definitely have every right to complain. It does suck and it sucks even more b/c we as women have to do the bulk of the work. Think about it -- Joe's part of it involves porn and an orgasm. How fair is that?

Jimmy and Alison said...

You can do it !!!! We retrieved Monday and put 3 back today. Your 2ww will come fast.

STILL not pregnant said...

Alison! Stick babies stick! 3? Awesome!? Xo-Haylee

Emily & Olivia, thanks for keeping that smile on my face- xox H