Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Low Mo and No Mo - Molly

That is short for "low motivation and no motivation". This is how I have been feeling this week. I am not sure if it's my period that is causing the trouble or if I am in need of a break. The desire to workout, get on my mat, get in the pool or on the bike - is NIL. I am still getting my workout in when I teach, but after that I have no rush to do more. I just want to go home.

So not like me.

Usually I crave a good sweat. I have this burning need to get on my mat and center myself. But I really just want to crawl in bed.

This week, and only this week, I will allow it. I will blame my period and then I will get back on the horse. Until then, I feel like - UGH. Just UGH.

On a much brighter side - I got my transfer calendar!!!

Birth control started yesterday and will continue for 16 more days. Then shot of Lupron will start. These shots will basically put my body in menopause (awesome). Then the patches of estrogen, followed by inserts (yes, I did say inserts - guess where) of progesterone. These will continue through the month of March. If all goes according to plan - we are looking at a last week of March/first week of April transfer.


So if in the next month or so I seem more emotional, have more hot flashes or night sweats, if I am a bit more irritable or edgy, maybe constipated or moody - blame the drugs.


Katie said...

Well, I'm really glad you still have the motivation to teach!

My glutes are so sore today I couldn't even crouch down to pet Roscoe this morning! Thanks!

Jenna (Jill's friend) said...

Hi Molly--Congrats! Was so happy to hear of your wonderful result from CCS testing! Also, hate to break the news, but those progesterone suppositories will continue WELL past your transfer day--if all goes really well, they'll continue (at least for most women, including me) almost through your entire first trimester! They're really not so bad, especially compared to what you've been through already with regard to meds and injections:)