Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nesting - Molly

Since I am unable to teach/work/workout, I have gotten a bit antsy around the house. I feel this need to organize, clean things out and prepare. Is this nesting?

I am tackling the closets first. The guest room and the proposed "baby" room (right now it's where we just keep stuff) closet bother me the most. There are boxes in there that we haven't opened since we moved! (from CA, not across town) YIKES!

The first box I opened was a bit of a surprise.

Inside was a slew of baby stuff that I don't remember getting. Sock Monkeys, books, onesies, rattles, first aid kits (for baby), CDs, toys, baby shoes, a BUMBO, a BREAST PUMP (Medela too) and gear for the breast pump.

I am officially that crazy lady. Not the Cat Lady, but the Lady that has stuff (a lot of stuff) for a non-existent baby. 

Well, we are too involved now to get rid of it....might as well see where this all goes. Back in the box for now....but at least I labeled it!


Jimmy and Alison said...

We did the same thing. I have a box ( now in the attic) of baby things. Dear hubby bought me one of the beautiful handmade baby gowns at the strt of IVF 1. We swear something is going in that dress come hell or high water one day ! I dont plan on taking it out until we are past the 12 weeks. I still linger at every baby counter and shop stoking the sweet little clothes and dreaming about what Ill buy once Im pregnant. Silly we drive our self crazy but its also hard not to dream !

Steph said...

Having a box like this does not make you a crazy person! I think it is just another expression of faith!! Like having a hope chest for when you get married. I'm almost 32 and still single, but I still add things to my hope chest now and again in faith that one day I actually will get married. It's not daydreaming or being unrealistic, it's just keeping my heart hopeful. And like Pres. Monson says, "the future is as bright as your faith."