Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm baaaaccckkkk.... Haylee

Really, stop...  you missed me THAT much?  haha  Just kidding. 

So, I am back.  Joe and I had a most excellent time in Mexico (quote Bill and Ted's for the kicker-- that's how old I am factor... wasn't it a most excellent movie though?). 

I am back with a nice tan that may possibly be gone by tomorrow.  If any of our readers have ever lived in a dry climate, you know - no matter what lotion, body soap, etc. etc. you use- once you are back- it just scales away.  I will say when I do go to a humid climate I appreciate my dry time so much more, however, I would like to keep the tan upon return. 

With this great trip, relaxation and time to think, we will carry forward with IVF. 

Just yesterday I spent about an hour rescheduling delivery with the pharmacy company making sure my medicine would be delivered to my husband's office (thank you my love).  I am unable to be home & wait for the delivery (silly me) & it would be crazy to think I would wait for it at my work where most times the lazy delivery people just chalk it up to "I can't find it" (or deliver it to the neighbors- how funny would that be to get a case of needles and medicine bottles instead of my missing light bulbs, ink cartridges & Kleenex???).  Which I laugh.  Yes, my business is tucked into this little nook, but the signs on the front of the building (which everyone can see) still scream my place of work from the front.  Again, I digress and call some such delivery people lazy (JenI, you feel me??). 

Back to the relaxation and time to think.  Even though I spent an hour on the phone yesterday morning rescheduling the medication delivery; I also did not get worked up about it.  Something I am bringing back with me is to relax through this process.  I am totally in the best hands with Dr. M. 

While sitting poolside I was reminded of this while reading a random story in Self Magazine,  Dr. M was quoted through this article (that has nothing to do with my unexplained infertility at all), but she is pressing forward with ways to help women take charge of their fertility and become more aware. 

Now, this is not to say I may get crazy.  I may be scared as shit (I am).  I may, oh heck, I don't even know... I may be a lot of things.  But I am going through this with stride.  I will continue to share my fears, my doubts, my---" omg that hurt, remeet my vagina and uterus again".... I can tell you guys can't wait!

I will post again with some more technical stuff, appointments all that good stuff tomorrow.  Just wanted to say hey, and thank you all for your continued love, support, questions, suggestions, guidance...  you get it.  Thank you!

I feel it appropriate to leave you with this for now...   "it will be most excellent no matter what, fingers and toes crossed"....

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