Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...It's go time.... Haylee

Yesterday's appointment at CCRM went really well.  "Nurse Husband Joe" and I are now trained on how to mix and administer my meds. That is the most annoying thing so far, you have to follow directions and MIX MEDICATIONS in little vials. You can't just open the package and take the shot. It is measure and combine this much of one thing with a measured amount of that thing, THEN do the shot.

 After we met with Lindsey it all seemed much less intimidating, so this is a good thing (though I am still scared about the side effects). 

Great news, Dr. M decided to lower all my doses- color me happy!  Apparently at a resting rate I have 25 follicles.  This of course does not mean I have eggs behind the follicles, but it does make a case to lower my doses so I don't end up being over stimulated and left looking like bubble belly due to all the follicles growing to a lemon shaped size.  Now we are looking at maybe a max size of golf ball follicles. 
Is it weird this is comforting? 

Day one was yesterday AFTER I left CCRM.  Go figure.  So I was back again this morning for more labs (blood draw) and ultrasound.  Everything looked great, so we are a go!  We will be starting stimulation one day early, so that means TOMORROW!  Ekkkk! 

So let me ask you... How are you spending your Valentine's Day night?  For us-  we will sign the 5000 consent forms for IVF (yes, I am being dramatic, but it really is a lot) and get those back to CCRM asap.
The cool thing about this whole process though, is we can (hopefully) tell our little one someday about everything we did.  Best Valentine's Day ever.

Saturday morning is my follow up lab work and ultra sound...  then each day after that until February 25th - yes, every day- blood draws and ultra sounds. That's right, drive to the hospital EVERY DAY.  With luck some of these days will be canceled if everything is looking good.  With even more luck I will not have to add to the days of medication, but time will tell.  Right now I am scheduled to be on the meds tomorrow through Saturday.

 Never thought I would be cheers-ing to a medication cocktail morning and night...  but here we are!  Cheers and grow follicles grow!

Again, a huge thank you to all our family, friends and readers.  You all play such a huge part in this journey.

And I leave you with this...  I cannot thank my wonderful husband enough for everything.  His love, his friendship, his patience, his understanding.  He is my everything. 

This is a picture from a photo book my sister in law Kristina made for us before our wedding.  This picture was taken when we didn't have this whole baby making thing on our radar, but the quote Kristina picked is so fitting for us - where we were then,  where we are now and where ever this journey takes us.  A special thanks to Kristina as well.  Love love loves.


Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Good luck! I know what you mean about all of this and Valentine's Day. I was just saying to my husband last night that 3 years ago I was on bedrest after an embryo transfer so we did Valentine's Day in bed!

STILL not pregnant said...

Awww, thank you Olivia. That is awesome, keeps us filled with hope until we get to retrival day. Woo hoo!