Saturday, December 12, 2015

Weekend of Showers

The babes and I was lucky enough to be showered a few more times by some pretty incredible people.

For the past 5 years I have taught a spin/yoga format at the Cycling Yogi.
Throughout the years, I have had some pretty consistent members of my Monday/Wednesday classes.

This group of women (sometimes men) are awesome.
They work hard.
They always give me their best.

But most of all.....
they have supported every step of my journey.
They have laughed with me.
Cried with me.
Been excited for me.
And have stood still with me.

They have been more than clients.
They have been friends, sisters and sometimes even mothers to me.

They are my family.

And currently they are setting up a schedule where they will take turns with the babies if I promise to come back to teach.

Deal ladies.

Thank you for a beautiful shower.

 The very next day, I was showered again.

By another group of strong women.

My friends from Crossfit Verve got together and created a baby shower WOD (workout of the day), just for me and the babies.

 7 rope climbs to represent the 7 years of this journey
16 reps because the due date is 2016 (2/16/16)
Partner workout because we are having twins.
20# med ball to understand what Ashley is carrying around each and every day.

The workout was about 35 minutes long. It was a tough. But then we ate cake! 
So for me, it was perfect.


A newer member of our gym made this incredible cake. It brought tears to my eyes that she included Penny. 

I walked into Crossfit Verve just over 3 years ago. 
It came into my life when I needed it most.
I needed to get out of my head.
I needed to regain control of my body.

But most of all, I needed to believe again.

Believe that I was capable of doing hard things.
Believe that I was good enough.
That I was strong enough.
That I was worthy of good things.

It may sound silly, but Crossfit helped remind me of who I really was and what I could accomplish if I put my heart and soul into it.

And along the way...I met some amazing women (and men).
These people, this community continually challenges me to be better in and out of the gym.

They remind me everyday that I am good enough.
I am strong enough.
I can do hard things.
And that they always have my back.


These babies are so lucky to have so many people who already love them.

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