Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Survivors Club - Molly

I finally dug into my new book

thanks alecia!
given to me by a good friend.
She has survived loss like I have.

It took me a while to open the book, but today, as I basked in the glorious Easter sunshine, I cracked it open and couldn't put it down.

penny soaked up some vitamin D with me after church

The book is filled with amazing stories of survival.
It also pinpoints what makes some people THRIVE during/ after a tragedy while others will SHRINK and possibly not survive.

As I am reading this book I am constantly underlining, dog-earing pages and re-reading paragraphs because there are so many potential blog posts.
There are 3 rules in the Survivors Club:
1) Everyone is a survivor
This blog has proven to me that many people fight many different types of battles. Some women have endured much more than I will ever know. While others stories wrap up a little sooner and possibly less dramatic. What I have learned during my own struggles is that EVERYONE is surviving (or trying to) something. No one is living a perfectly happy life. Sometimes bad things happen. It's how you act/react during this time that matters.

2) It's NOT All Relative
In my book, no loss is too small when it comes to trying to bring a child into this world. Whether is happens at 6 weeks, 36 weeks or doesn't even happen at all, it is still a loss. Each and every loss is different and therefore, you will act/react differently. You cannot compare war stories. No one can think you have it worse or better than someone else. When you are going through it, it consumes you. "Adversity comes in many sizes and shapes, but if it's happening in your life- if it's got your undivided attention - if the stakes matter to you, then contrasts are irrelevant."

3) You are STRONGER than you know
I am still learning this and there are times, when I don't believe that I am. But there are also times when I look at myself in the mirror and am amazed that I haven't been sent to the cuckoo nest yet. "Survival is one thing. Survival with dignity and grace is another." I try, I really try to have a greater outlook on my trials. I hold hope and faith so tight, so close that there is something greater out there to come of all this, to explain all this. There is a Japanese Proverb that says adversity makes a jewel of you. I guess I am working on my diamond.

Church was a difficult place for me to be today.
There were no egg hunts or Easter baskets.
No pretty dresses or plaid bow ties.
There were no family pictures.
There wasn't a Primary child to wave to as they sang.
Surprisingly, my emotions got the best of me today and my makeup was ruined.
Wounds are still fresh.
 I am getting there.
As I sat today in church, I kept thinking about all that my Savior went through.
For me.
I am a survivor.
I am stronger than I know.
I will get through this with dignity and grace.
I will become whatever my Savior has planned for me.
 And I will be happy.


CAISA said...

my day hardly had any of those things either... hang in there friend. love.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post..

Corrie De Witt said...

Thank you xx