Thursday, February 7, 2013

WIN-WIN - Molly

Well, tomorrow is the day.

Check in at noon.
Blood work.

Transfer at 2pm.

We are transferring only 1 embryo this time.

I am sort of excited for the Valium they will give me (to loosen my cervix).

Then we will hang out for a while, with my feet elevated and then head home.
Bed rest for the rest of day, Saturday and Sunday.

Sort of excited for that too.

They did prescribe me Estradiol - my second check was a bit low.
Progesterone shots in the booty are continuing (sore booty!).
And progesterone suppositories are a nightly activity.
I was signed up for trial study that would have happened today, but they ended up canceling it.
They were hoping to draw fluid from my cervix to see if there is any way to test for a positive implantation (proteins present etc). Sounds very cool and I am sad that I can't participate.
The good news - they still paid me for it! Woo hoo!

Feeling pretty blessed tonight.
Taught my last few classes and continue to be amazed by my students (friends).
I will miss them all.
I hope to not see them soon ;)

just a few of my amazing spin ladies! miss you guys already!

A few other friends have made me feel special as well.
Came home to this...

prepped for bed rest!

brightened up my day!

All in all, I am just ready.
I am at peace.
I am excited.
I am hopeful.
But I am also realistic.
There are no guarantees.

But I am so glad we are trying.

So if you have a moment tomorrow, possibly around 2 pm - prayers, thoughts, well wishes, fasts, vibes - whatever you want to send...I will take them all.

if you any point, it would be appreciated
This journey has taught me so many things.

But most of all I have realized that without this journey, I would lack so many wonderful people in my life. I have been so blessed to have found such a wonderful community of love and support. I know I am not in this alone.

i know we will get there

This is a WIN-WIN in my book.


Devon T. said...

Thinking of you and Jason (and Penny) sending goddess mama belly earth mother vibes your way. You are strong and beautiful and I'm honored to consider you a friend. Now go kick some procreating ass!

Charleston Hokie said...

Hoping that your day went well and in two weeks-you'll get the BEST NEWS of they year!!