Saturday, February 16, 2013

9 Day Wait - Molly

Well, my 9 day wait is coming to a close.

Tomorrow morning I go in for blood work.

I should get a phone call tomorrow afternoon letting us know whether or not we are pregnant.

All week people kept asking "how do you feel"?

I am well rested. 
(I took it REAL easy all week.)
I am probably a few pounds heavier.
(I have not worked out or been real strict with my eating since transfer day.)
My skin is glowing.
(But I think that's my dark spot remover.)
My boobs feel bigger.
(Again, probably the few pounds I gained from the treats I have been spoiled with all week.)
I have a cramp in the arch of my left foot. It's been like that all week.
(I think from the shots going into my left backside.)
I am sick of pineapple.
(My tongue is raw from consuming 4 of them in the last 2 weeks.) 

But I don't feel pregnant.

Last time I had fiery nipples, but I also transferred two embryos and my overall hormone levels that I was taking were higher. This time, there is no tenderness or fire.

I don't feel pregnant.

I am not tired.
Probably because I have lounged, napped, snoozed, snuggled, slept in and rested ALL WEEK.

So am I ready for tomorrow?


I will post as soon as I know.
And for the lucky will get text messages or a phone call.

Regardless of the outcome, 
I am so appreciative of the prayers that have been said on our behalves. 
It is because of the love and support we have around us that we can even bear to go through this again.
It is because of you - that I feel strong enough to try.
It is due to the faith of so many amazing people around me - that I know I will be okay.

It's a WIN - WIN remember?

Until tomorrow my friends.....

here's to hoping our grain of sand is now a precious "pearl"

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