Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The World Is My Oyster! - Molly

I received a very sweet gift tonight from a friend.

The card and the gift both brought me to tears.
It really meant a lot.

But mostly, it also gave me more perspective on this whole crazy infertility/IVF journey.

The ornament reminds me that there is something waiting for me to discover/experience this year.
Something incredible.

But the ornament also reminded me that I already have something incredible waiting for me - 4 wonderful children. One day I will know them. One day I will raise them. And one day I will understand (not just accept) the struggles we have endured.

Then I read the card.

And the card warmed my heart. 
The card filled my eyes with tears - tears of hope.

The World Is My Oyster. 
And as my beautiful friend so graciously worded it -

"implant a grain of sand inside and watch it turn into a pearl".

Every trial, every struggle that we endure on this earth irritates us, bothers us and exhausts us.

But if we allow that grain of sand to implant, if we endure with faith, hope and acceptance without understanding...

eventually it will turn into a beautiful pearl.

It wasn't until I read the card for the 4th time that I realized this -

this journey has already given me so many beautiful pearls.

My darling husband.
The love and support of my eternal family.
My local, distant and cyber friends.
My pup.

My hope.
My faith.
And my patience.
And my understanding (even though I struggle to accept).
My knowledge in the gospel.
And the love for my Heavenly Father and Savior.

My pearls.

My beautiful pearls.

And hopefully, we get one more this year.
Thank you Emily.

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Megan Brink said...

Praying that amazing things come your way this cycle. Sending so many positive thoughts, vibes, and love your way.