Sunday, January 27, 2013

The News - Molly

I took the weekend off.


I have been mulling over and over with different topics, but for now
here's the news...

Friday I went in for blood work.
I have been on estrogen patches for almost a week (1 patch every other day).

Usually I have low estrogen.
In the past, a pill of Estradiol is always added on to my regimen.

But when the nurse called in the afternoon, my number (looking for 50+) was 146!

I am absorbing my little patch well.
I was thrilled!

After some discussion with my nurse, she and I both think that the changes in my diet have attributed to a more normal hormonal balance.

Thank you paleo/whole30!
This definitely gives me the motivation to keep it up. 

I am now up to 2 patches, every other day. 
Next appointment is Saturday.
They will check to make sure the Lupron has suppressed my natural ovulation and to see if my lining is getting thick. They are looking for a triple layer. 

If all is well, progesterone (PIO) shots start Sunday, patches continue and another check will happen next Tuesday.

My acupuncturist will also be treating me to increase the thickness of my lining. Needles and stimulation (electrodes). 

Everything is set for Friday, February 8th! 

The next 2 weeks I will be eating well, working out a lot and just having some fun.

 Jason and I having a little workout fun

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Megan Brink said...

Such great news!! Still sending tons of positive thoughts and prayers your way!