Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Da' Flipside - Molly

There are two sides to every coin, every story, every experience.

The grass is always greener - right?

Meet my friend Caisa.

Her and I were roomies.....way back when.

circa 2005?

We have been through lots together - new relationships, break-ups, engagements, showers, weddings, triathlons, trips to Europe - there has been LOTS and LOTS of cookie dough, Funfetti cake batter and tissues.

Our lives have taken very different turns since our time on Olive St.

Caisa is now a mother of 3 boys. 3 under 3. A toddler (almost 3) and twins (almost 18 months).


Yes, her hands are full.

Our lives now are very different.

Her days are filled with diapers, sippy cups, tantrums, potty trainings, naps, laundry, milestones, hugs, tears, smiles, laughs, triple stroller, double stroller plus an Ergo, mini-vans (they have 2), funny things the kids say, needing to be held, needing to be comforted, needing....needing....and more needing.

Mine days are filled with yoga, CrossFit, hiking with Penny, playing ball with Penny, taking Penny swimmings, puppy play dates, laundry, cleaning the house, errands....shots, blood work, ultrasounds, pills, patches and....waiting..waiting...waiting...waiting.

Very different.
Both very difficult in their own rights.

There are plenty of days when I would welcome that sort of chaos. Every tear, tantrum and poopy diaper.

There are days when I enjoy every moment of my day - just the way it is.

There are days when Caisa would love to lay by the pool and not be reminded of "what needs to be done next".

And there are days when she embraces each needy hand as it reaches out for her.

Welcome to Da' Flipside.

We both - have chosen to blog about it, to share our stories...to open up our lives to others, in hopes that we help others, while we help ourselves.

In IVF, the chances of twins are increased. FYI - Caisa's twins were not products of fertility, just genes.

So....for all of you IVF Twin Moms or for all of those moms with their hands full - I would love to share Caisa's new blog with you.

Read and share in her experience here.

Between her blog and mine.....we pretty much cover it all.

But more than anything we hope that we remind you that there is always Da' Flipside. The grass WILL always be greener.

So enjoy the grass you're in.....you are right where you are supposed to be.

water your own grass.....enjoy your own story

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