Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World - Molly

Anyone else surprised the Mayans got it wrong?


Well, I made sure to be fully stocked...

just in case.

Here's my stash:

I am locked and loaded. Bring it on!

This stash is courtesy of the wondeful Haylee and a friend of Haylee's that I met at her shower.

Crazy huh? 

Yes, I met a girl at Haylee's shower that was also an IVF girl and she mailed me her leftover drugs.
 And then tonight Haylee gifted me with her leftover drugs and her lucky box of pregnancy tests (along with some other yummy treats).

My stash includes:

3 bottles of PIO (progesterone in oil)
4 boxes of estrogen patches (8 per box) + about 40 more that a nurse donated to me
a whole box of endometrium (progesterone suppositories - about 30 inserts)
2 pregnancy tests
12 pills of Estradiol (estrogen in pill form)
alcohol prep pads
and LOADS of syringes

For those not in the IVF world, this is a costly stash (I better hide it).
If you remember, the estrogen patches are about $9 each. 
And I was blowing through the PIO - so I need as much as possible.

Merry Christmas to me!

 So I was totally prepared for the end of the world.

But I guess I will just settle for my FET (frozen embryo transfer) instead.
(that's sort of like the end of the world....but more like the start of a new one)

Thanks a lot ladies!


Olivia Stipe Manke said...

I have a bunch of leftover supplies as well. I for sure have estrogen patches, needles, and alcohol swabs. Just let me know if you're interested and I'll do an inventory.

If you let me know before my brother and Kristina head back to CO, I can send it along with them.

Megan Brink said...

After my IVF cycle in January, I wouldn't mind donating my leftovers to you if you need them if we have success. Keep me updated!! I would love to give them to you.