Monday, October 1, 2012

October - Molly

Final weigh in - 141. 
9 pounds lost for me. 
I haven't felt this good in a long time.

 On to the next challenge.

In my search for happiness, I have already conquered my relationship with food. I am now in control of what goes into my body. My mind is clear and my body is ready. 

For the month of October, my search for happiness focuses on FAITH. 

I have always considered myself someone who does not lack faith. But in the recent years, with all that I have experienced, my faith has definitely been tested. 

Yet amid all of my trials, even when I have felt extremely lonely, I have always known that I am not alone. I have always known that my Heavenly Father has loved me, felt my pain and had more in store for me (and my life). 

What though, is still the question.

I don't know why I have had to experience that losses that I have. 
I don't know what I am supposed to learn or do with these experiences.
And I don't know exactly what direction He wants me to go in.

But I do know that He loves me. 
I do know that there is something in store for me (for us).
I do know that I will be okay.

No matter what.

So for the next 30 days, I am going to focus on my faith.
I am going to work on firming my foundation and hopefully improving my outlook.
I am going to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father and hopefully with myself.

1) Daily scripture study (at least 15 min) - this isn't as easy as you think, but if I can devote time to work out, I can find time to study.

2) Daily personal prayers - my husband and I are good about family prayers, and there are many days I have my personal prayers, but it is not as often as it should be. My Heavenly Father wants to hear from me and I need to talk to him more.

3) Weekly study of a general conference talk or other talk - there are so many wonderful leaders in our church who have amazing and wise things to teach me. I need to read and study these talks to help better understand my role in His plan for me.

***If anyone has any wonderful talks or scriptures that I could benefit from, please email me links. I would love to hear from you.


Lauren said...

I found your blog through my friend Alecia! I just had to share one of my favorite links: Or you can download the app, "LDS Scripture Citation Index." Every verse is linked to conference talks that reference that scripture. For example, 89 conference talks since 1942 have referenced 1 Nephi 3:7. It definitely gives you a new perspective.

Sara said...

I need to join you on this goal. (I should with the paleo diet too but I'm not quite ready to give up cheese...) I wish you luck!