Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are your bets in? -Haylee

Tomorrow is the big day!  I may not post right away after we find out however, I promise to post by Friday with the news. 

This is a milestone for sure.  I am half way through and I feel like after tomorrow I will be able to be more excited and calm about my pregnancy.  The word "normal" is mentioned a lot throughout this blog.  Nothing about this has been normal for me.  Perhaps after tomorrow though it will become more "normal".  I am so excited to see the little one- it has been far too long!  Thank you to those of you who have allowed me to be realistic, cautious, sarcastic & given me space.  You know who you are. 

I felt the Ninja kick for the first time (for real kicks) weekend before last when my best friend Kristy was in town for a visit.  Thankfully if pregnancy brain kicks in too much I can always ask her and she will have the date spot on.  A very cool feeling indeed.  Sometimes he/she kicks quite hard other times it's more like a dance in my belly.  Regardless, this little one is still VERY active.  I would have no idea where that might come from?? 

For now not a whole lot has changed.  I still feel crappy.  I am sleeping (or shall I say NOT sleeping) with a splint on my right hand/arm every night (I know dead sexy right?).  It is helping though.  I am engulfed by a body pillow from sweet Molly that I have been trying to find that "just right" (think the 3 Bears story) position.  Pizza face still rocks on.  Migraines have been better.  I still don't "look" pregnant, but thanks to friends like Jen I know my ass looks pregnant.  haha

I will leave you with a couple funny pictures - I mean who doesn't want to picture this stuff?  In addition to a gift the Ninja received from Grandma Mary Ann in ColdSota.  Not only will he or she be loved like no other, he or she will know what good tunes are! 

Body Pillow Grande - thank you Molly! 
Thank you Jori for capturing this moment :)
Thank you Grandma Mary Ann - love the Ninja

I told you, dead sexy, right?


emily -- a denver home companion said...

so exciting!

i guess girl. i want to know what YOU think it was.

STILL not pregnant said...

I don't have a feeling either way actually. A lot of ladies say they have a feeling. I just don't. Probably all the feeling crappy getting in the way. ;) We will soon know though. Give Ramona hugs from me. Xo