Sunday, May 27, 2012

TMI - Molly

Anyone in my immediate family or my husband's family for that matter, would CRINGE at me for writing this. They are a little less "public" about well, everything. If you ask, I will tell you. I wear my heart and probably everything else on my sleeve.

 So the question is....How am I feeling?


I feel like a trucker who ate too many bean burritos.

And today has been the worst. In church, I just wanted to cut the clothes off my body.


And downward dog hasn't helped much.

Even my husband is amazed, well more like appalled. Is this normal???

Flatulence aside, I am feeling pretty good. I am getting enough sleep at night, so naps during the day aren't necessary. I have given into the fact that if I want Taco Bell, I am just going to get Taco Bell. I miss my workouts, but I do realize that I will get back in the yoga room or pool. In fact, our little community pool opens next weekend and I already bought my pass for afternoon lap swims. I can't wait for a swim in the sunshine, even though the idea of getting in a swimsuit right now is what scares me most. My pants are starting to get tight. I find myself unbuttoning my pants in the car, at restaurants, at home, anywhere that I can get away with it. Gaucho pants and Lulu's have been my friend.

We are closing in on 11 weeks this upcoming Wednesday! I have not been 11 weeks in over 3 years. I am still on hormone drugs. PIO shots everyday and 2 doses of Estrace. I return for more blood on Tuesday to see if I can come down a bit lower. They tried to move me to shots every other day, but my progesterone dropped from 72 to 10 (I need to be at least a 20), so back to shots everyday. In fact, no one was home the other day, so I had to go rogue - give myself my own PIO shot in my hip/butt.

I rocked it.

Blood Tuesday, ultrasound Wednesday. Hoping and praying my body kicks in and supplies my much needed hormones so I have end the excess.


Anonymous said...

Gassy? For sure normal... Unfortunately. Congrats, you guys. Praying for your little family! ~Sandy, Jonathan & fam

Kim Brady said...

lmao, I was the exact same why when I was NASTY! haha. My husband said I turned so gross after getting pregnant;)

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Yep, being gassy is totally normal! It's partly because your digestive tract is changing with all the hormones you're on. Be sure not to get constipated.

RC Cola said...

Molly you are so funny. This reminded me of the time we were in Costa Rica and you had your butt up in the air trying to work things out. So happy to see things are working out well for you guys. Love you to pieces!