Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And then there were.....


i got creative today with them
 Up to four estrogen patches and this is where I will stay every other day until we transfer on


I start my progesterone, Medrol and Tetracycline tomorrow. The Medrol and Tetracycline are antibiotics I will take for the next four days. The progesterone I will insert 3 times daily from tomorrow until they start to wean me off around 11-12 weeks along (assuming a pregnancy occurs). 

I am so excited. We are so excited. 

CHALLENGE: To all my readers out there, I am posting this challenge to you. Here is the back story:

When Jason and I did our IUI's (insemination), when the nurse left us alone we played a song to my belly (future baby of course). I got the idea from a dear friend and now they song they played is their baby's favorite tune. 

Over the course of the 5 IUI's we have played: 

Better Together - Jack Johnson
Have A Little Faith In Me - Michael Franti
The Three of Us - Ben Harper
Hold Us Together - Matt Maher (if you haven't heard this one, download it - it's amazing)

We love each and every one of these songs. They always bring tears to my eyes. But it is time for something different. 

So we challenge ALL OF YOU: Help us find a song for our transfer. 

Please leave it in the comment box or send me an email at stillnotpregnant@gmail.com

We have a few songs in mind, but we would love options. The sooner the better, so we can listen and learn to love it. In the end, all song suggestions will be made into a Baby Reynolds (or Babies) CD for our kid(s) to always enjoy and to help us always remember this journey and those who supported us all along the way. 

On Monday, after the transfer, I will let you all know which song we used. 

Thank you for helping make this journey so much more special.



Anonymous said...

i could not ask for more - edwin mccain...check out the lyrics, i think it'd be perfect :o)

Holli said...

Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are

I imagine a new father singing a slightly modified version of this to his newborn daughter. Always makes me cry happy tears.

Jim Stoneham said...

Clearly something by the Manhattan Transfer is in order...

Susie said...

Lay it down- Jaci Velasquez

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Yay! In the home stretch! If you're a Beatles fan "Here Comes the Sun" is a good one. Or if you want something a little spiritual, one of my favorites is Alison Kraus doing "Down to the River to Pray".

Good luck!

emily said...

thoughts and prayers to you!

no good suggestions on songs but will try and think of some. thank you so much for sharing your journey.

Katie said...


All that she wants - Ace of Base

Mark B. said...

Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World-by-Melvin Amina

Jordan said...

You are my Sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) by the Dixie Chicks and Sweet Baby James by James Taylor. To Zion by Lauryn Hill and the BEST part of the song is "And I thank you for choosing me/To come through unto life to be/
A beautiful reflection of his grace/For I know that a gift so great/Is only one God could create/
And I'm reminded every time I see your face"

Teri said...

Godspeed-Dixie Chicks
"Zion" Lauryn Hill
'Baby of Mine' by Allison Krauss

Will be thinking of you!

Tabor said...

" Lionheart " by Emancipator

Tabor said...

Lionheart by emancipator (=

Melissa said...

Dave Matthews Band : "You & Me"

"You & me together, we could do anything, Baby
You & me together yes, yes"
"We can always look back on what we did
All these memories of you & me baby
But right now it's you & me forever girl
And you know we could do better than anything that we did
You know that you & me, we could do anything."

Or Dave Matthew Band: "Christmas Song"

"Father up above, why in all this anger have you filled me up with love?
Fill me love love love
Love love love"

This one talks mostly about the life of the Savior, but he came to show us how to love, live, and have hope/faith in all things he would ask of us.
You are in my thoughts & prayers. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

your are my sunshine by carly simon
hold you up-matthew west
i won' let go- rascal flats
i can't help falling in love with you- ingrid michaelson
no one- alicia keyes
these arms of mine-otis redding
the luckiest- ben folds
your hands- jj heller
heavenly day- patty griffin