Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Testing follow up.... Haylee

Yesterday I was at CCRM for mass amounts of blood work, 3 different Ultrasounds & Hysteroscopy.  If you have questions on any of these procedures I would be more than happy to go into more detail, please let me know.  The best part is the outcome.  Everything looks great.  I am left with some cramping, bleeding and a sore shoulder (wow, sounds like someone kicked my butt-haha). 

Dr. M did recommend her acupuncturist, which I will be contacting today.  It always makes me feel good when my doctor recommends someone she not only uses, but acupuncturists that are there through most all of her IVF transfers now (a group of 3 women that specialize in infertility).  I will post their information after my consult. 

I ordered my medication this morning and I am so thankful for our wonderful insurance (thank you husband).  What was estimated to run about $3500 ended up being $600 after insurance.  Phew.  Delivery will take place on 2/10.  I will finally get to stop birth control on 2/11.  We meet with Lindsey (our IVF nurse) on 2/13 to go over how to use all the medications properly.  If my ultrasound & blood work (somewhere around the 15th) looks good, we will move forward with stimulation.  Phew (there is a lot of that going on lately).

Right now we are trying our best to take one day at a time.  Easier said than done.  Mexico will help with this for sure.  Arriba! 


Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Lucky you on the insurance thing! Mine didn't cover squat and I had to pay out of pocket for all my meds.

STILL not pregnant said...

Holy crap girl.... This stuff can seriously break the bank. H