Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Svaha".... Haylee

In the present- not in the past or the future. Svaha!

In 2008 one of my favorite teachers (and friend) taught me the meaning of Svaha & many other naughty words in Sanskrit.  God I love her. 

Svaha is one that resonates with me most right now-  the basic meaning of this Hindu word is "so be it", "let it be" or "f- it".  haha 

One week down, one week to go before we find out.  This has by far been the worst waiting period throughout this whole journey.  With each cramp or weird feeling in my girly parts I feel, I think "is this good? or is this bad? What the f is going on in there and why do the cramps continue to get worse"? I am growing more cranky.  Getting more snappy.  However, when I notice these feelings sneaking in I say to myself "Svaha".  It works and moves me away from focusing and worrying and just letting things be, because really the outcome of this procedure IS out of my control (what a bitch, right?).

A practice of patience indeed...   here is a cheers to the fact I can have a little vino Saturday night at my company Holiday Party (Dr. & Nurse approved).  I am really excited.

Thanks again for the amazing love and support.  My cup runneth over.  

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